Letter Matching with Manipulatives

I am always trying to build students' knowledge of letters and sounds in fun and different ways.  This letter matching activity was a HUGE hit my classroom!  Students were asking to do the activity over and over again!

First, I gathered various letter manipulatives (letter beads, letter dice, magnet letters, foam letters, and Lego letters).  To begin the activity I had a small group of 5 students put the large Letter Cards in ABC order in my circle area.

Now it was time to gather all the students to do the rest as a whole group activity.  Once I modeled & explained how to do the activity, they went crazy matching the letters.

There were great conversations happening everywhere!  Students were having discussions if the letter matched or not, working together in pairs/trios find the right match, making connections to students names, talking about the sounds the letters made, sharing words that made that sound, self checking, and moving letters that didn't match!

They loved it so much I put the activity in my library center so they could do the activity with peers or independently.  The students could pick any letter manipulative in the center to use for the activity.

Students put a twist on the activity on their own!  Some students would make their name with the Letter Cards then find the letter manipulatives to match.  Students also made words that were important to them like "mom" or "dad" and even made our vocabulary words that were related to our science study!

You can purchase your own Letter Cards from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
Included is a Teaching Ideas page loaded with active and fun letter identification and letter sound building activities!
The Large Full Page Letter Cards come three different ways!
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The students LOVED this so much we did a Numbers Matching with Manipulatives activity too!

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