Number Identification Game using Number Manipulatives

The students LOVED the Letter Matching Game using manipulatives so I decided to make a Number Matching Game using math manipulatives and my Number Posters!  I wanted students to work on identifying numerals and developing one to one correspondence.  The math manipulatives I gathered were number cookie cutters, number birthday candles, magnet numbers, eggs with numbers on them, and dominoes.  To begin the activity, I gathered a small group of 5 students to put the large number posters in order in the circle area.

Then I gathered the whole class and modeled how to do the activity.  Many things were happening.  Some students were quietly matching the manipulatives, some were teaming up and matching the manipulative together, and some were going as fast as they could while shouting the numeral that matched.  I had one friend who was complimenting each person when they made a match and giving them a high five.  It was so sweet.

A student noticed that there were no magnet numbers for numbers 10-20.  A group of 6 students all began talking about what they could do.  One student SHOUTED to the group that we could just put two magnet number together to make the new number.  He was so proud of himself that he figured out a solution.  I love it when a student notices a problem, poses that problem to their peers, and they solve it!

It was such a hit, I added this activity to my math center so the students could do the activity with a small group or independently.

Making number identification active and hands on makes learning more fun and meaningful for students.  If a student can touch and see something they have a better change of remembering and retaining the information.
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How do you teach students to identify numerals in your class?

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