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Every year my number one goal is to to establish a positive relationship with the students in my class and for them to get to know each other.  Is it so important to start building a caring classroom community on day 1 when the students walk in the door.  I created a new item with all of my favorite all about me activities titled All About Me:  Back to School Activities, Class Books, Posters, and Mini Book

My first class book every year is ALL ABOUT US!  Each student has their own page that is all about them.  It includes pictures of them and their families, their favorite things, what they like to do, and the sentence “I am special because -----” (students fill in the blank).  This is the most loved and read book in my classroom!  Everyday during read around the room, there is a group of students huddled around this book.  It is a great way for the kids to get to know each other and build a strong, caring classroom community!  I send their All About Me project home on the first day or you can send it home at open house.  I ask each student what their favorite color is and I attach their favorite color cardstock to the instructions page.  I use card stock for their pages because it stronger.  I use the 12X12 size paper or you can use 8X11.  As each child brings it back, I have  them share it during our morning meeting.  This way we only share a few a day.  Then I laminate the pages and the cover (included).  Cut, bind it (I use book rings), and the book is complete!
Here is the cover I made for our book this school year!

Every year we read Brown Bear Brown Bear in the fist few weeks of school.  As a get to know you and follow up activity we create a class book with the same pattern text!  Because it is a pattern text from a familiar book, the students can easily memorize the text pattern.  It is a great book to help teach students their friends names!  Included is a cover.  Just print and laminate.  I use card stock to create the pages and cover so the pages are more durable.  For the student pages, have each child draws a self portrait on their page.  Some years I have a lot of scribblers so I also glue each students photograph to their page as well.  It is your choice, you can write the students names on the line or you can have your students write their names.  It will depend on the level of your students.  It is fun to include yourself, other teachers, assistants, principals, therapists, and/or a nurse in your class book!  The last page of the book is “we see everyone looking at us!”.  You can have each child draw a small self portrait on that page you can glue a class photo on the page.  Here is a picture of the cover and a students page!

Here is the preview of All About Me:  Back to School Activities, Class Books, Posters, and Mini Book!  If you follow my store, you can get 50% all new items posted to my store for the first 24 hours!  This item will be 50% until July 16.  Get yours now.


  1. Aww, what a cute idea!! Don't the littles just LOVE talking about themselves!!?? :) I do something similar with my kinders, and the books they make are definitely the hit of the classroom!! They are the first ones we read during Read to Someone Else time of Daily 5, and they just LOVE sharing things all about themselves!! Thanks for helping me remember how much my littles love the All About Me books!!!

    Warmest Wishes,

  2. They LOVE sharing everything about themselves and their families! I excited to get to get to know the new bunch of little learners I will have this year!

  3. I am looking forward to using this in my preschool classroom!


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