Book Talk Tuesday & FREEBIE: Put It On The List

Book Talk Tuesday & FREEBIE!  Each week I have found great new books that I want to add to my classroom library and this week I have a book I love to share with you.  Be sure to check out Mrs. Jump's class to find MANY great books!

Put It on the List! is a book I love reading and is written by Kristen Darbyshire!  
It is about a chicken and his family.  Each time the chicken gets something to eat, it is all gone.  He tells his mom and she tells him to "put it on the list".  
But they always forget to add it to the list so they run out of many things.  I love the way it lists things with a picture and the word!
Each day he wants to eat/get something but they are all out of it.  I love the way it lists things with a picture and the word!
Mom goes to the grocery store.  She forgets things because no one put them on the list.  The chicken go through all things things that were hard to so because they were out of things such as going to the bathroom with no toilet paper.  This is always the students favorite part! 
Mom has to cook peanut butter pickled grub on macaroni casserole because that is all they have. 
So the family makes a new plan to solve their problem at a family use the grocery list all the time. 
And to help with the shopping.
 They also  make an emergency plan to order pizza if they are out of everything.  
It is a cute story.  There are so many ways you could use it in your classroom.  Here are a few I came up with.  

Teachable Topics:
  • days of the week
  • eating healthy food
  • reasons for writing/what we can write
  • writing lists (get your shopping list by clicking HERE)
  • problem solving
  • having class/family meetings to solve problems
  • retelling the story with story cards, sequence of events
Theme & Study Connections
  • Food
  • Grocery Store
  • 5 Senses
  • Problem Solving
  • Family
I hope you enjoy this book as mush as I do!  Happy reading!  

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  1. This book looks cute! Thanks for sharing :)
    ~Scarlett at Speech Is Sweet


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