Butterfly Study: Science & Literacy (and GIVEAWAY)

Our last study of the school year was butterflies and insects! We observed caterpillars turn into butterflies.  It doesn't matter how many times I do this study, I am always just as excited as the kids to watch them change into butterflies!  After we let the butterflies go, the students wanted to continue learning about other insects so we did.  The students lead the learning in my class.  I can teach them the skills they need when we study any topic.  The things we study are the things my students are interested in so they are more invested in their learning!
I kept the caterpillars/butterflies in my discovery center for students to observe and journal.  Below is a picture of my discovery center.
During any science study I always have quality non-fiction books for students to use for research.  I always keep a student created book of the journals students have created.  Students look through the science journals to look at the pictures and words others drew to show their thinking then compare it to their own thinking.
Do you love the label on the butterfly books?  One of my kiddos told me it needed a label so kids would know where to put the books back.
I try to have mostly student created materials on my walls.  During small group, students created the Life Cycle of a Butterfly Poster and the Parts of a Butterfly Poster.  They used the vocabulary cards to help to copy the words.  When it is something they create, they use it more, talk about it more, and reference it more!  
We used this tally chart to track how many days a butterfly is in each stage of it's life.  
When the butterflies were set free, we began to focus our learning on ALL types of insects.  Here how I changed the discovery center.  The book box changed from only butterflies to all insects.  Students created poster on the parts of other insects.  
Is it an Insect?  We created this poster during circle time.  It was a way for me to assess if students knew the characteristics of an insect. It was fun to hear the students share why it was or wasn't an insect.  Sometimes a debate occurred.  Students had strong opinions.  It was a great discussion!   
To end our study, I had each student draw and write on a post-it note one thing they learned.  As each shared what they learned, we did a cheer as they added their idea to the chart!  I love to celebrate students' ideas and thoughts!
To get students up and moving, we played letter or sight word musical chairs using the life cycle letter or word cards.  I simply put a white board, dry erase marker, and an eraser at each chair.  On each dry erase board put a letter card or a word card in the corner.  We played the music and the students danced around the tables/desks.  When music stopped, the students sat a chair they are near.  They wrote the letter or word as many times as they can in the time you give them.  Then they erased their boards and did it again.  My students LOVE this game!  I divided my students by ability for this game. One table had sight words and one table had letters.  The students ASK to play this game!
Check out my post to see what we did for math, fine motor, and the cute bulletin board I created for our Butterfly Study click HERE!  It all wouldn't fit in one post!

 Do you want to try some of the activities we did?  You can!  All of the activities above plus MANY more are included Life Cycle of a Butterfly!

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  1. WOW! What a thorough unit! I bet your little ones not only had so much fun learning about insects, I bet they learned a LOT! Thanks for linking up with TBT! Have a great day!


    1. Thank you so much! I love Throwback Thursday because I can share things I have done in the past. See you next week!

  2. That discovery centre looks amazing! I wish I had thought to keep caterpillars and watch the transformation this year - will remember it for next!
    Growing Little Learners

    1. Thank you so much! I love science studies or teaching about anything with animals!


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