Shape Playdoh Mats & Playdoh Mat Bundle

My letter and number playdoh mats turned out so cute that I decided to make a matching set of Super Star Play Dough Shape Mats!  Playdoh shape mats are a fun way for students practice shape identification and build fine motor strength at the same time!  Students roll the playdoh into snakes to form the shapes.  For added fun, students can trace the shape word with a dry erase marker.  Our class mascot is the super star and I am going to these shape mats in my art center and for arrival and small group at the beginning of the year.  You could also put them in a literacy center, Daily 5 word work center, playdoh center, or math center.
All I need to do when I get back to school is print, laminate, and cut!
On each mat is a shape and the shape word.  I kept the super star kids and star border!
I am going to create a Shape Playdoh Book with the playdoh mats.  All I need to do is bind the pages together with book rings to create my Shape Book and use the cover (slide 1) for the book cover.  I am excited to make playdoh books for this year.  You can never have enough books!
Shapes included are square, rectangle, oval, circle, triangle, star, heart, rhombus, trapezoid, pentagon, and hexagon, octagon.
It does take some small group and/or one on one instruction to teach the kids how to make playdoh snakes.  But once they get it, they go crazy making snakes!  With my pre-k kids, I will have them trace the shape word with a dry erase marker to add some literacy!

If you like everything matching like me, you want all the playdoh mat sets!  I made a Super Star Play Dough Bundle:  Learn your Letters, Shapes, & Numbers!  Purchasing the bundle is a 20% savings over buying them individually. PLEASE NOTE: This is a discounted, BUNDLED pack of my three Super Star Playdoh Mats!  Included in this bundle is my Super Star Play Dough Shape MatsSuper Star Letter Playdoh Mats, and Super Star Number Playdoh Mats! 


  1. These packets are so cute!! I'm always looking for activities to help my kinders keep the Play-Doh on the table and off of the floor!! :-) I'll be adding your bundle to my Wish List!! Do you use store-bought Play-Doh with your littles or do you make your own? I've always had parents volunteer to make some play-doh for us, and they scented it with Kool-Aid. So much fun!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes,

  2. I love store bought playdoh but we use so much of it it would be expensive. I make my own. I have tried many different recipes and my favorite is Jello playdoh. It is soft and smells great!

    1. I've never heard of Jello playdoh!! I'll have to try that out for this year!! I agree, I love the Play-Doh brand so much and how well it works, but you're right it is way too expensive to use all year long!!


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