Daily Schedule and Year at a Glance

I am linking up with Blog Hoppin again today for WHEN I teach!  Here is a little bit about my classroom to answer some questions you have been asking.  I teach in a full day classroom.  I can have up to 18 kids a day and do most days.  The families pick what days they want their child to attend.  My day begins at 7:00 am!  I know CRAZY early!  My classroom hours are 7 am - 6 pm.  I leave at 2:30 and my assistant facilitator takes over.  She is AMAZING and I am so lucky to have her.  We have one hour each week when we plan together for the next week.  There are also two assistants that work in my classroom so there are always at least two teachers with the kids!
Kids can come to school anytime between 7 am and 9 am.  I plan an arrival activity for each morning.  Students do my arrival activity with me before they go play in centers.  Each morning all 5 of my classroom centers are open (library, blocks, art, discovery, and pretend).  One thing I do ask most of my kids is to find a friend to play with for open centers so they are not playing alone.  Students can change centers and who they play with as they wish during this time.  I do most of my assessments at this time.  Lucky me, I get to work with only 3-5 kids at a time for arrival activities!  
Each week I post my weekly visual lesson plans as part of Dee Dee's Peek at my Week .  Click below to see my plans so far.

My Year at a Glance is my PLAN for the year.  I took into account breaks and holidays when planning them out.  I reflected about how kids learn, what they need to learn first, learn again, and are interested in when making my year plan.  Like I said it is a PLAN and it may change.
We do a study/theme in my classroom for 3-7 weeks depending on student interest.  I LOVE the fact that we can lean about one thing for a long time.  We can dive deep and students get a deeper understanding of various concepts!  I also have some kids two years in a row so I do different topics each year so they are not repeating what we did last year.  
My Year at a Glance is part of the Teacher Binder.  Want a chance to win it?  Enter the giveaway below!
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  1. I have been in the early childhood field for 9 years in private schools as a director and teacher. And your schedule is almost exactly as the ones we had!
    This will be my second year in public schools and I love it, very different, but great different!
    Awesome blog!

    1. Preschool can be so different from place to place. it's crazy. I LOVE my curriculum and the freedom I have to do what works for my kids! Have a great year!

  2. I love learning more about prek and early learning. I teach kinder so I know it's so important the work you do! ! your visual plans are very inspiring to me to get more organized in that way!

    1. I visit kinder blogs for the same reason! I want to see what my kids need to know before they leave me! Have a great school year!


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