Large Classroom Labels

In my classroom, I use MANY creates and large tubs for storage.  They were old and broken so I purchased new black creates over the summer.  To help the kids put materials away, I created Full Page Classroom Labels in a rainbow and bright colors design.  I was inspired from the crate labels from Stacy at Riedmiller's Room.

Creating the labels was the hard part and attaching them was easy.
Step 1:  Print the labels you need.  Here are four I printed.  I printed my labels on card stock to make them more durable (hopefully anyways).  Then put each one in a page protector.  This way I can change out the labels easily if I need to.
Step 2:  Pick the ribbon you want.  I used red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink.  My class theme is bold colors.  Cut 2 pieces for each label about 8 inches long .  Be sure to use thin ribbon.  It make the next step MUCH easier.  I tried using a thicker ribbon first and it did not work.
Step 3:  Put the ribbon through the holes and the page protector.  Then tie in a knot. 
If your crate has no holes, make holes with a drill.  (Put the page protector on the crate and mark where the holes are.  Carefully drill on the marks.)
You are finished!  You now have cute labels for your big baskets, tubs, and crates!  They are going to look awesome in my classroom.
Want to just print and attach?  You can purchase my Classroom Labels by clicking on the picture. 
 Here is what is included.
Directions on how to attach to crates
21 Premade labels size 8x11
·         (puppets, art smocks, letters, numbers, blocks, books, math, reading, writing, reading buddies, science, doll house furniture & people, chalk boards, journals, portfolios, pretend props, clip boards, balls, puzzles,  art projects, and data)
   21 blank labels size 8x11 (just print and write right on them) AND 21 Editable labels size 8x11.  Yes I said EDITABLE!  Type the words you need to label your classroom.

I am am in love with my bright crate labels.  Cute storage in my classroom (and my home who am I kidding)  makes me smile.  It is a must for me to be organized and this year is going to be big and bright!  Stay tuned for my NEW CLASSROOM PHOTOS!


  1. I LOVE how creative you are!! Love even more that you share that creativity with us!! Thanks so very much for such a wonderful idea and mini-tutorial. I can tell you're going to have an amazingly organized classroom this year, and hopefully I will too!! Have a great school year!!!

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons

  2. Thank you! You are so sweet. I have such a big list and I am slowing marking things off one by one. Fingers crossed everything will be done by Friday for open house. The big classroom reveal is coming soon! Can't wait to see how you classroom looks with all your amazing dragons creations.


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