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The first week was fabulous!  I have a GREAT group of cuties this year.  There were some tears and I carried a few friends around.  We had so much fun and laughed all week.  The best part is everyone was making friends and having fun.  Most didn't want to leave when mom or dad picked up!  That is a good sign!  I can't say enough about how much fun it was!
Here is one of my favorite things we did this week...Me Collage.  You can purchase it in my All About Me:  Back to School Activities, Class Books, Posters, and Mini Books.  It is called Body Collage in the description.  The kids worked so hard on them I created bulletin board with them!
I split the project up into two parts and did it during my table time Wednesday and Thursday.  It worked out great.  It was enough time for them to do the project but not too much time that they lost interest.  On the first day the students colored their body with markers.  
 I was able to see their coloring skills, pencil grasp, and fine motor strength by the types of lines they were coloring and by how much/little pressure they were using!  My assistant and I cut out the bodies later that day.  This would be way too hard to cut out for my kiddos.
The next morning I had students asking if they could work on their person!  LOVE THAT!  For day two of the project, students created a collage on their body!  I put out cut ribbon, cut paper squares, buttons, and cut tissue paper.  
The students were so busy working the whole time.
 I heard students asking each other to pass different materials!  How great is that the first week!  Most students even knew how to use a glue stick.  Super exciting!
I just had to take a few pictures of their people up close to show you!  Super cute!
 I think my favorite thing is how they are all different and unique just like the kids!  Each student was able to work at his or her own individual level and be successful!  They were so proud of their people that they wanted to take them home.  Luckily I convinced them that if I can keep them for a little bit, I would hang them up so they could see them everyday!
You can purchase this project HERE along with other fun All about Me activities, posters, class books, and mini books!
I hope everyone had or will have a great first week!

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  1. Aww, those people collages are so cute!! Your littles seemed to really enjoy the project, and doesn't that make it so much more rewarding!! Looks like you had a great first week!! I hope the rest of your weeks go just as fabulously!!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons


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