Peek at my Week 3

Happy Sunday and lesson planning day!  I almost always make my lesson plans on Sunday.  I always PLAN to do them Friday at school but that never happens.  I am linking up with Dee Dee for Peek at my Week.  This is week three for me and my preschool friends so will we going over rules and routines a bit more this week.
We have 4 school rules:  We take care of ourselves, each other, our school, and our world.  The rules are simple for my preschool friends to understand and follow (at least most of the time).  Last week we focused on the rule, we take care of each other.  To help the students understand what that looks like, I created picture cues to show different ways they can take care of each other.  We had a class meeting during circle.  As students shared ways they could take care of their friends, I added a matching picture cue to make the poster.  They were so surprised  that I had pictures to match what they were saying!
During small group time, each student drew a picture about one way they can take care of their friends.  Each student shared their page with their group and then glued the matching picture icon on their page.  They worked so hard on them and the conversations they had while making them were priceless.  Didn't they turn out great!
 This week we will focus on the rule:  we take care of ourselves.  That should be interesting because preschoolers LOVE to tell each other about what they are doing wrong.  It is a developmental step to point out what others are doing wrong before they can do it themselves.  I know.  But sometimes it just makes me giggle when a kiddo tells me what their friend is doing wrong when they are right there doing it too.
I will be adding the picture icons to match each rule in my Classroom Rules & Expectations: Posters, Activities, & Parent Note (Rainbow) later this week!
Here are my plans for the week!  
I also posted a new FREEBIE in my TPT store Beginning of the Year Signs
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Have a fabulous week everyone!


  1. Looks like things are going super well in your room!! Good luck with Week 3!!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons

  2. Looks awesome! I am going to purchase your rules pack! Love the idea to glue the matching icon :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  3. Hi Jackie! I just purchased your Rules. . .Pack and I LOVE it! Will the picture icons you mentioned be a free update or will I need to purchase them separately?? THANK YOU! I am doing my lesson plans for next week!

    1. I just uploaded it! It now has 2 pages of picture cues for each rule and 3 more teacher information/idea pages. Go to download your updated copy! Happy lesson planning!

    2. Thank you!!!!! I just got the posters hung in my classroom, the parent letter run off for orientation, and the quarter sheet rules color copied on cardstock for each family! The certificates I color coded and ran off on colored paper and the checklists filled out! I AM SO EXCITED TO USE THIS AWESOME UNIT THIS YEAR! THANK YOU!

  4. Hi Jackie! Do you have detailed plans for weeks 4 and beyond? I'm a new preschool teacher, and your ideas for circle time and small group (especially with routines) is very helpful! Thanks! :)


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