Birthday Week 2

Week 2 of our Birthday Theme was super fun!  This week our focus was cakes and cupcakes!  Yummy.  I am linking up with Doddle Bugs Teaching to share with you my 5 for Friday (Saturday).  If you missed what we did for week 1 click HERE!
Most of these activities are included in the my Birthday Math and Literacy Centers and Birthday Dramatic Play.
1.  Math Activities!  
My students LOVE dot it markers so I created a math game using dot markers.  Students rolled a die and made the corresponding number of sprinkles (dots) on their cupcake.  Some students rolled a die with numbers 1, 2, 3, and some students rolled a die with numbers 1-6.
During small group, students created a page for our newest class book How Many Candles are on the Cake?  Students decorated their cake with markers.  Then they added their favorite number of candles to their birthday cake.  This book will be a great addition to our class library!
 The Candle Counting Game was introduced last week.  It will remain in the discovery center for the rest of the theme.  Students played the game during center time again this week and during arrival time on Friday.
2.  Literacy Activities!  
I created this yummy cupcake letter match game for the library center.  Students played it over and over all week!  We are focusing on just the uppercase letters right now in my class.  I want students to have a strong understanding of all the capital letters before we move to lowercase.  
 Students created birthday cards for the pretend center (aka dramatic play center) in small group and in the library center this week.  I put out paper numbers 1-5 in the library center and "happy birthday" word strips for students to glue to their cards.
 Here they are working intensely on their cards.  
3.  Balloons!
All parties need balloons.  In the art center students could create balloons.  First, they had to cut out a circle, square, or oval balloon.  Then they could color it with markers, crayons, or paint.  I also had out a tray of collage materials they could add.  The last step was to add the ribbon!  They turned out super cute!
I put the balloons all over the pretend center to decorate for all the parties!  
4.  Icing Cakes!
Not all my students have had the opportunity to ice a cake with frosting so we did it in art!  To make the "icing", we mixed glue and paint together.  It makes the paint sticky and shiny just like frosting!  Now the for the fun part!  Students could "ice" (paint) their "cake" (paper cut into small squares) using spatulas!
 It was great fine motor work too!  Students had to move, twist, and spread their spatula many different ways to "ice" their "cake".
5.  Candles!
We created BIG candles on butcher paper in the hallway!  It was a fun way to practice making straight, long, lines.  
One student wanted to "light" the candle by making small dots so we did!  It was in my plans but I love that it was her idea to do it!  It makes activities more meaningful when the students can take charge of their learning.  Students pretended to blow out the candles at the end.  It was tons of fun!  A great way to end the week.
Be sure to check out Doddle Bugs Teaching to see what other teachers are up to this week!


  1. I love all these birthday activities! So cute!
    Fun in ECSE

  2. I love your Play Dough ideas. I teach KK gifted students and this is a first for me. I normally teach 1st and 2nd grade. So any ideas I can get to use with my KK kids is much appreciated.
    Teaching with a Twist


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