Cover Up - A Fun Counting Game

Cover Up and Add It Up are fun counting and addition games I use in my classroom all year long! 
Here is everything that is included!
 My classroom set of boards were old and worn out.  I created new boards that are bright and colorful!  The boards don't have a theme so you can use them during ANY theme/study in your classroom!  
I LOVE making things that I can use for more than one theme.  What I do is use a manipulative to match the theme were are learning about.  At the beginning of this year, Pete the Cat left us buttons to us to play the game with.  I have used cotton balls during a winter theme, candles during a birthday theme, and rocks during a camping theme.
Included are boards with 10 spaces.  You will find a red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and a pink board.  Want to make the game more challenging?  Simply glue 2 boards together to make a board with 20 spaces!
There are MANY ways you can differentiate this game simply by using different dice!
Have one group use a color dice and the players add ONE object to their board.  It will help your youngest learner begin to develop 1:1 correspondence.
Have another group use a dice with dots up to the number 3.  This group can continue to build one to one correspondence with objects up to 3.
Have the highest group use a dice with dots up to the number 6 to help them build one to one correspondence up to 6. 
Here are MORE ways you can differentiate so that students at every level can learn and be successful!
Add It Up can be played on the same boards!   Here are the directions (included) to play Add It Up using dice with dots....
and using dice with numbers.
Want to change it up? Simply print, copy, and play!  Students can use bingo dot markers or stickers to cover their boards!  The best part is they can take their boards home and their families can see what they are learning and doing at school! There is a Cover board with 10 spaces and another with 20 spaces.
There is an Add It Up board with 10 spaces and another with 20 spaces.
To increase students math skills,  I use Take Home Bags in my classroom.  Students LOVE them and I hope parents love them too!  It is a fun way to strengthen the home school connection.  It shows their parents what they are doing at school and how they are doing.  A parent can see their child’s skill level when they play the game with them.  Students have fun “teaching” their family how to play the game.  I always practice playing the game at school a bunch BEFORE I send the bag home.  I want to make sure the student knows how to play the game so they can be successful at home with their family.  I include both game boards and 2 different dice.  I want parents to see that I differentiate in my classroom so all students can learn!
What to Include in the Bag:
•Cover Up Boards
•Directions (pick the one you need)
I found my bags at a dollar store.  You can also use any bags or backpacks you have on hand in your classroom
As if you were not excited enough about Cover Up and Add It Up, here is a preview of everything included!
 Have a fun day!

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