Peek at my Week 7 and Name Dot It

I am linking up with the amazing Dee Dee for another Peek at my Week!  I am super excited for this week!  It is our last week of our Birthday Theme and we are going to have a birthday party for Super Bear (our class mascot).  The students will be planning the party.  Students will vote on what kind of party it will be.  I am crossing my fingers that it will be a pajama party!  They will also vote on what kind of food we will have and what games we will play.  All week students will be creating birthday cards for Super Bear and all the party decorations.  Students will even create invitations and invite a stuffed animal to the party!  Check back this weekend to see pictures of the party!

Name writing is a skill that we work on all year long.  Students come in my classroom at so many different levels.  Some students are scribbling and some are writing their whole first name.  I use Name Dot Its to build students name writing skills and letter formation because I can easily differentiate they activity so all students are challenged!  
For students who are just learning the names of their letters in their name, they use dot markers for this activity.  Students dot the letters in their name with the matching color dot marker.
 For students who already know the names of the letters in their name, they trace the letter with the matching color to work on letter formation.
I also have students working on their last names too!  Students can work at all different levels doing the same activity.  We will use this activity all year long.
 Another variation of this activity is to use magnet bingo counters.  Students cover the letters in their name with the matching color counter and use a magnet wand to clear their board.  
And now my plans for the week!
Here are the products I will be using this week!
Have a great week!  Don't forget to check and see what other teachers are teaching this week!

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