Shapes: Part 1

Every year I teach a math unit/study all about SHAPES.  It is one of my favorite math units to teach.  There are so many fun activities you can do and it is easy to incorporate them into all my classroom centers!  Here is a highlight of some of our shape study using Let's Learn About Shapes!
This year my shapes unit will be four weeks long.  Each week we learn about one or two shapes.  Week one is circle and oval.  Week two is triangle.  Week three is rhombus and square.  Week four is rectangle.  To begin the study we created a chart on the basic shapes.
 I put the shape anchor chart in my discovery center.  On the table students could sort various objects by shape.  Students could draw a representation of how they sorted.  I always try to add a writing and/or representation piece to activities I have on my discovery table.  
Shape Roll and Graph is a fun game to practice shape matching and shape identification.  Students roll a shape dice or pick a shape card and place a counter in the box in the row of that shape.  This game can be played independently or with peers. I introduce all my shape games in small group first before I put it out as a center choice.  My students LOVE to use magnetic bingo counters for this game.  When the game is over they can erase their board using the magnet wand!
We have done MANY shape sorting activities during our shape unit.  The first way we sorted shapes was round or not round.  The directions are simple.  Students sort the paper shapes, and glue onto the page.
 Week two we focused on triangles.  Students sorted if the shape was a triangle or if it was not a triangle.
Here are the directions on how I made my shapes induced in Let's Learn about Shapes.  Every activity includes a teacher information page about how you can use it in your classroom.
As a way to model the activity and to assess students, we did the same activity using the shape headers and real objects whole group.  It was my transition from music to snack.  Students came up one at a time and sorted their shape then went back to wash their hands for snack.  
I wanted the shapes unit to be in all of my classroom centers.  In the art center students could create shape collages.  Creating shape collages is a fun way for students to explore shapes and to develop spatial sense.  I always have a big bag of paper shapes in my classroom.  I am always adding shapes from left over art activities/crafts throughout the year.  You can also buy pre-cut foam shapes from a craft store.  They are smaller but work just as well.  Many of my students were creating Shape Monsters so I did a bulletin board with them!  For students who had not made on one their own, I pulled them for a small group where they could create a shape monster too.  Don't you love how all their monsters are all unique!
For a table time activity when we were focusing on triangles, students created shape collages only using triangles.  I did not separate out the triangles for the art project.  Students had to find and identify the triangles to create their collage!  Art and math at the same time!
 They turned out SO AMAZING I put them in the Art Gallery.
Shape printing!  Each week I found objects around the classroom of that shape do make prints with.  When we focused on circles, students could make circle prints.  The tubes are paper towels rolls cut in half.  One quick tip about this activity...don't let the tubes set in the paint all day.  They will get soak up the paint and get soggy.
Something I added to my library center were shape mini books.  Each week, I added the shape book(s) that we focusing on.  Students traced, decorated, and made the shape and/or shape word.  They cut along the lines to create each page and stapled it together.  This was a huge hit!  I introduced this activity during small group before I added to my center.
Everything in this post is included in my unit Let's Learn About Shapes!  Stay tuned to see what we do next to explore and learn all about shapes!

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