Building Skills & Learning at Home: Parent Handouts

Parents are a child's first teacher.  Building skills and learning at home is super important for kids of all ages to be successful.  I created Building Skills & Learning at Home:  Parent Handouts to give parents fun and simple suggestions, tips, and games/activities they can do to help their child build their skills at home using materials they already have around their house.  
The activities are fun and hands on using materials families already have at home.  You don’t need to send anything home but the handouts!  It’s super simple, just print and send home!  They are great to send home at the beginning of the year, parent nights, parent teacher conferences, before summer, or place in students’ homework folders or backpacks anytime during the year.  I send them home at parent teacher conferences and randomly throughout the year attached to my newsletter.
Parent Home Notes Included:
Reading at Home (2 pages)
Writing at Home (2 pages)
Learning about Letters at Home (2 pages)
Math at Home (2 pages)
Fun Fine Motor at Home (2 pages)
Playdoh & Goop Recipes (1 page)

I am thinking about adding a "Cooking at Home" handout.  What other At Home handouts would you like to see added?

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  1. Building Skills and Learning at Home--I love these!!! I'm planning to highlight one each month. Thank you for sharing! How about science or problem solving for later in the year. I teach TK and these are hand outs are prefect!


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