I have 100 followers on TPT!  To celebrate I made a new FREEBIE for you Editable Name Cards: Dot It, Collage It, Puzzle It, Sticker  It, Paint It, Rainbow Write!
Every student in my class is working on their name. I have students working on learning their first name in uppercase, first name in lowercase, last name in uppercase, and/or their last name in lowercase.  Many students at many different levels. I can make the name card specific to the level each child is at. This way all the students can do the same activity but at their own individual level. Here are some of the ways I have used them in my class.
 Sticker Collage Your Name! This is their favorite way by far! It is also GREAT fine motor work.
I made a fun bulletin board with the Sticker Name Collages! It shows parents that I am supporting their child at their own level too!
 Dot Your Name!  Students used dot markers and dotted their name.
I had students who were working on their name in lowercase and their name in uppercase at the same table.  Great conversations about uppercase and lowercase letters were happening!  Love that!
Make a Name Puzzle!  
Students colored their name cards and I cut the letters apart.
Students had a bast putting their name puzzles together!
I made name puzzles for some of my students on colored paper.  Just copy/print the name card on 2 different colored pieces of paper.  Cut one up into pieces and leave the other whole for the student to use a model.  It is really helping my students write their name in order.  They do it each morning after they sign in. 
Button Collage Your Name!  One morning during table time, students could pick from a variety of materials and make a name collage.  This little man made his name using buttons!
 Rainbow Write Your Name!  I used the hollow letters and students rainbow wrote their names using each color.  It makes each letter a rainbow!  
 Q Tip Paint Your Name!  Students used q-tips for paint brushes and painted their name.
Learn Your Sight Words!  I am also using the cards to help students learn their sight words!  A few of my pre-k friends are working on the sight word am.

Here are a few more ideas I have but haven't had time to implement yet.  Laminate and...
  • use as playdoh mats!
  • students trace their names with dry erase markers
  • add a texture like glue.  Students can finger trace their name and feel the texture as they trace.
  • use wiki sticks
  • make name with snack food
Thanks again to everyone!  It would be great if you would leave some feedback too.

How to set up and create a grocery store in your dramatic play center that is full of literacy and math opportunities.

Change your dramatic play center into a Grocery Store! It is easy to embed math and literacy learning opportunities into their play when they are pretending in the grocery store. When I change my dramatic play center, I like to take the theme all over the room into each and every center. 
We have just wrapped up our  Shapes unit!  It was amazing!  The kids are noticing shapes everywhere and talking about it's characteristics at school and at HOME!  Click HERE to read about what we did for the first half of our Shapes unit.
My math shelf has all of the shape games on the top.  The bottom shelves are filled with math manipulatives and games we have played during past units.
Shape Roll & Trace has been a huge hit!  Students roll a shape dice and trace the shape they rolled.  At the end of the game, they erase their board with a tissue.  It is also great fine motor work!  
We used the shape playing cards to play Shape Go Fish and Shape Concentration.
Print and laminate math cards on colored cardstock.  I made each set of cards a different color.  This way when a card is left out it is super easy to figure out which set it is from.   I keep each set in a baggie with the “shape cards” label on it.  It is an easy and quick way to keep your cards organized.
My favorite thing to use for shape making is salt in a cookie tray!  It is super cheap so I don’t mind throwing it away after a week or so.  This tray has sprinkles added to it!  Students used the shape cards as a guide when drawing the shapes.
Each week of the unit, we would go on a shape in our classroom for the specific shape we were learning about.  Students helped each other and the conversations they had about the shapes were AMAZING!
You can download Shape Hunt for FREE in my TPT store. 
To explore sides and points of shapes, students made model shapes with playdoh and popsicle sticks in my art center.
 We have math talks after small group or center time throughout out unit to talk about shapes.  We created this anchor chart during a math talk about the number of sides and points of each shape.
We sorted shapes by the number of sides they had.  Another day, they sorted the shapes by the number of points they had.
Using real objects, we sorted shapes by sides or no sides.  Students could actually feel the side of the shape or feel how it was round (not having any sides).  Using real objects is so important for students!  They learn so much through touch.
 Another fun way to explore the sides of shapes is to make shapes using geoboards.  This student filled his geoboard up will triangles.  
It was a fun unit and ALL students learned about shapes at their own level!  For my 3 year old friends, they can now identify their basic shapes, explored shape vocabulary, and shape characteristics.  My pre-k friends can now identify the basic shapes and describe shapes based on it's characteristics using shape vocabulary!  If you want to do a shape unit in your classroom you can purchase Let's Learn About Shapes in my TPT store.  

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