Many people have asked me why and how I change my pretend center in my classroom?  This post is all about why pretend play is important, setting it up, creating student made props, building students' background knowledge, infusing literacy and math experiences into their play, and adding props or elements slowly each week to keep build their play.

Arctic ice themed experiments and activities for preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten. Perfect for a winter, penguin, or polar bear theme.

It is SUPER cold outside which means it's the perfect time to explore ice!  Click HERE to read a post about my go to  Winter Centers and Activities (math, literacy, fine motor, sensory, and more).
How to organize your student portfolios and assessments to make your teacher life easier.

I LOVE things organized and colorful.  Assessments and portfolios can create PILES of paperwork and student work sample pages.  I am linking up with The Elementary Entourage show you how I organize my assessment data and student portfolios.

I hope some of these tips and tricks help you in your classroom!  You can get all the assessment pages, portfolio pieces, and teacher data pages in Preschool &Kindergarten Portfolio & Skills Assessments made EASY!  

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