Portfolio and Assessment Organization

How to organize your student portfolios and assessments to make your teacher life easier.

I LOVE things organized and colorful.  Assessments and portfolios can create PILES of paperwork and student work sample pages.  I am linking up with The Elementary Entourage show you how I organize my assessment data and student portfolios.  I hope some of these tips and tricks help you in your classroom!  You can get all the assessment pages, portfolio pieces, and teacher data pages in Preschool &Kindergarten Portfolio & Skills Assessments made EASY!  

To start, I have a crate to keep ALL my student work samples and assessments in.  This avoids all the pages piling up all over the room.  I also have my student assessment binder.  I had it bound at a local office supply store.  I LOVE the soft cover.  Binders are so chunky to carry around.
Inside the portfolio crate is a folder for each student.  There is also a folder with all my assessment charts so I can quickly grab when I do assessments.  At the front is a "needs to be documented" folder.  I put assessments that are done but I need to document in my assessment binder in this folder.  Behind that is a "to be filled" folder assessments that I have documented and are ready to be filed into students' portfolios.  
In the "to be filed" folder I keep each assessment paper clipped together.  This makes documenting easier for me.
My student assessment binder has 2 parts.  The first part has as individual data page for each student.  It has all the skills and objectives I assess on it.  The front has literacy and math. The back has fine motor.  This allows me to look the whole child at a once.  The second part has class lists data pages for each objective.  I use these pages constantly when planing.  I can quickly group or pair students up by ability using them. 
I take each set of assessments and mark each child's level on the class data pages first.  This class data page is for the objective Identifies Letters.  
Why the green pen you ask?  Each quarter I use a different color ink to I can see the students growth. I also use this as evidence to show student growth for my teacher evaluation and my teacher growth plan for my district!
Now I mark each child's level on their individual data page.  This is something new I started this year and I LOVE it.  I can look at the whole child at once instead of flipping pages.  I can easily see if a child growing, just maintaining skills, or regressing.  
Under letter identification, I put each letter (capital and lowercase) on their data page so I can see what letters they can identify.
Here are assessments for the objective cutting (lines).  I have another assessment page for students to cut shapes and pictures.  I will mark each child's level on the class data page and on their individual student pages.
 My assessment for pencil grasp is a picture of each student writing their name then I highlight at the bottom of the page what pencil grasp they are using.  Again, I will mark each child's level on the class data page and on their individual student pages.

 I use various writing samples to show and assess their stage of writing.  Again, I will mark each child's level on the class data page and on their individual student pages.
Now that I have documented their skill level in my assessment book, I put the assessments into the "to be filed" folder and file them when I have time.
 I keep my student portfolios in binders. In each child's binder has a set of dividers.  I copy the dividers onto colored card stock.  Each divider has a developmental sequence for each skill with coordinating ages.  The dividers also come without developmental sequences.
 When I have time, I file each child's assessment pages into their binder.  The dividers make is super simple to add the pages to the binders.
At the beginning of each year, I make copies of my ALL my assessment pages that I will need for the year.  This way I am not scrambling in the morning to make copies for that day's assessments.
It is so wonderful to see the growth of each child at the end of the year!  Parents LOVE them too!
You can get all the assessment pages, portfolio binders, and teacher data pages in Preschool &Kindergarten Portfolio & Skills Assessments made EASY!  

 Wow!  Thanks for reading to the end!    I hope my tips and tricks help you get or stay organized in your classroom.  Be sure to check out The Elementary Entourage for more ways to be organized in your classroom in 2015!  


  1. I don't have a very good system keeping my assessments organized, this would be great!

  2. That pack for assessments is AMAZING!! I just saw something on pinterest very similar and I LOVE it!!

  3. Wow! You seem so organized! You are motivating me to get more on the ball! 2015 is the year of becoming organized for this gal! :)
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  4. I use file folders as well but no where near and organized as you!

  5. I have been following your blog for a few weeks now (discovered on Pinterest) and am blown away by your ideas! You just seem to have it all together!

    We use two types of assessment systems. One is a student work portfolio. We have seven learning objectives that we collect student work on. We also use Teaching Strategies Gold to document student work as well. Both systems are great at showing student growth, but it can be somewhat overwhelming to make sure I have what I need for each child. I am always looking for ways to streamline the process.

    Thank you for all of your hard work and sharing your ideas!

  6. I have a similar system as you but I I love your data pages. Our's that we created are not as cohesive and easy to use.
    Fun in ECSE

  7. Thank you! I love how easy yet informative! I also love the organization!

  8. This is one of the areas I need to work on - this looks like this will help get me on track!!!

  9. Love this!!! You make it look so easy!

  10. Your system is great! I really don't have a system yet, being new to prek. I just created a page with several skills I need to assess.

  11. LOVE!!! your assessment pages..so clean and organized. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I have recently started using Portfolio assessments - student's work and was thinking of the best way in which to organize them. Your organization is just perfect :)

  13. This would help me stay organized and actually make portfolios. It looks fantastic! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. This is so awesome! I am totally blown away and in awe :) Congrats on a well-organized job, keep it up. Are you will to come organize my files or help me get organized? :) I have been using file folder and they are have been very cumbersome (nothing like yours). Looking forward to using this organization packet to assist me in being better organized for 2015. Thanks so much for your wonderful blog post.

  15. I love, love, love your stuff! I am teaching pre-K 2 days a week at a Mother's Day Out Program. I was wondering how long this assessment took to do with your students. Do you stretch it over weeks, months Since we're a 2 day program, time is limited. Thanks!

  16. Do you have an inside look at the inside of your student assessments binder that you had bound?


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