Friendship Week Tips, Valentine FUN, and my Lesson Plans

It is my favorite week of the school year... Friendship Week!  Each year, the week of Valentine's Day is Friendship Week in my classroom!  A full week of Valentine and friendship building FUN!  Here is the family letter I send home.  It include tips to help with the making and handing out of valentines.  I recommend to families to have their child do their valentine's over a few nights. For some of my preschoolers writing their name 24 times is HARD WORK not to mention that the valentines are typically super TINY.  Writing their name 24 times in a super tiny space most likely equals a horrible experience for both the child and the parents.
I teach a full day classroom where students can come 2, 3, 4, or 5 days a week.  There isn't a day when I have all my students so if I had a party some students wouldn't be able to participate.  This is why I don't do a class party.  Instead we celebrate all week and do fun things each day!  Students will make their valentine bags on Wednesday (Tuesday if they don't attend on Wednesday), play Heart Count with candy on Tuesday, play Cover Up with candy Thursday, decorate cookies Friday, and make friendship necklaces on Friday.  Students will hand out their valentines during center time Thursday and Friday.  Students open their bags at home.  Below is the friendship week sign up sheet so families can bring in items to help us celebrate. 
Each day, students and teachers can dress up!  This is a picture of my linear calendar showing all the fun days that are planned.   The hearts on days 12 and 13 represent the days we will hand out our valentines!
A favorite activity I started last year was friendship necklaces.  On the sign up sheet are fruit loops, cheerios, and pretzels.  I divide the food up onto plates so each student has their own plate of goodies to use.  We don't want to share germs.  Students LOVE making the friendship necklaces and eating them for snack!  Students are also strengthening fine motor muscles and building hand eye coordination when they are making them!  I found this great idea on Blondie and Brownies.
A new activity I am going to put out is Love Monster Playdoh.  Students can use the playdoh, cookie cutters, heart pans, buttons, eyes, and cut up necklaces to create their love monster.  I found this great idea on Fantastic Fun and Learning.
Now my plans for the week.
 You can get all the Valentine Math and Literacy Centers HERE.
You can get the Calendar Icons HERE.
Go check out what other teachers are doing this week at Mrs. Wills Kindergarten!  Have a fabulous week!


  1. I love the idea of friendship week. I will have to try this idea next year. I love your blog.

    1. Thank you so much! It works so well in my classroom and it is my favorite week of the year! Have a great week.


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