Snowmen at Night: Reading for Different Purposes and Center Activities

Last week was all about snowmen!  We read Snowmen at Night each day for a different purpose and the kids had a blast with the snowmen at night center activities! Grab your Snowmen At Night sequencing cards HERE (it's a FREEBIE)!
Day one, we did a cold read.  The students just sat back, listened, and enjoyed the book!
Day two, we read the Snowmen at Night using story sequence cards.  Before I began reading, I asked questions about what they snowmen did at night to handout all the sequence cards.  As I read, students placed the story sequence cards on the board.  After I read, I numbered the event and discussed the events using ordinal numbers to squeeze some math in during circle.
 Day three, we used the sequce cards again.  After the book, each student shared what they would do if they were a snowman at night.  I had a student draw the snowman for out chart.  Sorry it is so hard to see.   She wanted to draw the snowman with crayons.
Day four, we listened for the rhyming words in Snowmen at Night .  As I read, I would read the sentence and let the students fill in the rhyme.  After the book, we made a list of all the words that rhymed with men (the -end word family). 
Day five, we read the Snowmen at Night and pretended we were letter deceives looking for all the words that began with the letter S (like in snowman).  As I read, I would stretch out the s sound so my younger students would hear the s sound at the beginning of the words.  Students were so excited to hear a word that began with the letter s, they would shout out the word!  I wrote the words on the chart as we found them in the book.
In my art center, I put out a try of items students could use to build their own snowmen at night with playdoh to strengthen fine motor.   In the tray were small sticks, buttons, small black rocks, carrot noses (cut from orange foam board), scarfs (cut vinyl), and small hats.  I made the hats by cutting squares and triangles out of foam board and hot gluing pom poms on the top of them.  Some students build 3-D snowmen by rolling the playdoh and
some build 2-D snowmen using cookie cutters.  The snowman at the bottom (the one that is sideways) is Olaf! 
Students drew snowmen at night portraits on black paper using colored pencils.
 They worked so hard on them, I had showed them off on the bulletin board outside our classroom.  The snowmen are all  unique and beautiful in their own way just the students that made them.
To practice cutting circles, students cut and collaged snowmen.  Students cut the white circles, added various size paper shapes, and drew with markers to create their snowman.
 In the blocks center, I had students draw small snowmen on index cards.  I taped them to unit blocks to create snowmen blocks.  When students make and create items for their play, it gives them ownership, builds a sense of community, and builds their confidence. 
For my math center, students played Build a Snowman.  I love this game because it is easy to differentiate.  Students can work on counting and building one to one correspondence or work on informal addition.  All students are using the same materials just in their own way.  How to play: 
Counting:  Use a 1-6 dice:  Students add/dot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 snowballs (we used jewels) to match the number they rolled.
•Adding:  Use two dice:  Students roll the dice and add/dot the matching number of snowballs.
In the library center, students could do Snowmen Build and Trace Letters.  I forgot to take a picture of students doing this activity so here is the direction page from Winter Math and Literacy Centers.
In the pretend center, I added hot cocoa and marshmallows to the snack shop in out Ice Skating Rink.  You can read more about the Ice Skating Rink HERE.
Snowmen at Night one of my favorite winter books to read!  This week we are reading The Hat by Jan Brett.  Check back to see what we do!


  1. I love this book and I love your activity ideas. Where is the link to your printables? I would LOVE to use these this winter in my classroom. Thanks!

    1. The sequencing cards are up on the blog as a freebie! Go grab your set!


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