Pet Store Dramatic Play

 How to set up a pet store in your dramatic play center (with tons of math and literacy learning opportunities)
Pets!  Our theme this month is PETS!  A fun theme for students (and teachers).
The pretend center changed into a Pet Store!  Here is a peak at the center.

Students helped create as MANY props as possible in the Pet Store!  The more props students make the more invested they are in their pretend play.  I LOVE all the invented spelling and random letters on the labels!
Students helped make the pet cages too!  One student had the grand idea to put the fish that are sold in plastic baggies so they could live in water on the way home. So thoughtful!
Here are some more of the pet cages.
One of my favorite parts of the Pet Store is the treat bar.  There is a scale next to the treat box but I accidently cut it out when I took the picture.
Students can pretend to be the shopper, clerk, or the groomer.  Here is the groomer station!  Each role has a writing and math experience embedded in their play.  The groomer fills out a groomer care report as they groom the pet.

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How to set up a pet store in your dramatic play center (with tons of math and literacy learning opportunities)

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    I do teacher training workshops. I am writing to ask permission to use the photo of the pet store in a Power Point Presentation. I will credit your site and provide your URL. I will also encourage participants to go to TPT to purchase your materials.
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  2. Hi Jackie! I have been looking around your site and I love your preschool themes! This Pet Store theme really jumped out at me because it's so creative and I know my preschoolers LOVE animals, especially dogs. I also love how pretending to take care of pets can strengthen traits like caring and empathy. I would love to include your site in a post on my blog I will definitely be back to your site to check out ideas I can use with my own preschoolers. Thanks!


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