Farm Math and Literacy Centers (Freebies)

Farm themed math and literacy centers that preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students will LOVE (with FREEBIES)!

We just finished up our farm unit last week.  The kids loved it and the parents couldn't stop talking about it too.  Whhooo!  It was such a success I wanted to share some farm freebies with you!  Click the image above to grab your freebies.

Farm Friendly Letters (freebie):  Their favorite farm books by far were the Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type books written by Dorreen Cronin and illustrated by Betsy Lewin.  The students did some friendly letter writing to their families on this farm paper.  I LOVE writing activities that are meaningful and help students fall in love with writing.  They loved it so much they asked to do it again so we did!

Letter Collages!  Click clack moo: kids that type letter collages was an activity in the art center.  Students could randomly collage the letters, match the letters, or make words with the letters.

Puzzles!  My kids this year LOVE puzzles so I made a farm beginning sound puzzle. 

Some of my students are struggling with rhyming so I made this farm rhyme match.

Measuring flowers with rainbow rulers!  I set out silk flowers of various lengths, rainbow rulers, and small clipboards with blank paper.  Students had to measure a flowers and record the length.  I keep a small tub of silk flowers with and without stems.  We use them for so many things!  Click HERE to find out how to make your own rainbow rulers.

Farm Cover Up!  This pair of  students are playing with the plus one game boards.  Students roll the dice, add one to the number, and cover the sum.  I also had farm cover up boards with numbers 1-6 for students who needed more practice with one to one correspondence.  Students roll the dice, count the dots, and cover the number they rolled.

Farm Missing Number and Farm Number Trace!  My younger students traced the numerals on their boards using dry erase markers.  My older students had to fill in the missing number using dry erase markers.  Most went back and traced the other numbers on their board because they love writing with dry erase markers so much.

Making Farm Maps!  The last week of the unit we made farm maps.  Now that the students' have learned a ton about farms, they could use all their new knowledge to create a farm map.  I made a key which listed the places on a farm map and a few sample farm maps for them to use as a reference.

My favorite part of his map are the potatoes in the garden growing underground!

Measuring how long (freebie)!  In the blocks center, students were building barns.  I posed a challenge for students to build a long barn and created a chart for students to record their measurements!  Students used feet cut outs to measure how long their barn was.  I had teams of students build barns, measure, and add more to make it longer!  They wanted to be the ones who had the longest barn. Now they were comparing numbers and determining which was more or less too!

Measuring how tall (freebie)!  The next week, I posed a new challenge.  Can you build a tall barn?  I stapled a piece of butcher paper to the wall and added a strip of tape at the top.  Students would use string to measure how tall their building was.  Students would go to the chart and discuss the lengths of strings and compare them without prompting!

I added farm animals, tractors (borrowed from my son), farm books, rocks, veggie math counters, leaves, flowers, and foam boards (to represent grass, water, dirt).

Look at the amazing farms my students built!  

Want all my Farm Math and Literacy Center printables? Just click the image below to purchase it from my TPT store. All you have to do is print, prep, and teach!

Don't forget your freebies!  Click HERE to get them!
Farm themed math and literacy centers that preschool, pre-k, and kindergarten students will LOVE (with FREEBIES)!

The pretend center has changed into a farm!  Click the image below to see my post all about our pretend farm.

Check out my post about the farm themed art and sensory activities we did by clicking the image below.

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  1. You really shared great farm freebies pictures here. I loved all of the pictures. Hey Can you suggest me how you managed it? I would like to play such activities to my Phoenix preschool kids.

  2. All of the activities above were my center activities. I have 5 centers in my classroom (library, blocks, discovery, pretend & art). Each week I add one or two new activities in each center. Before students pick their center, I show students either an example of the activity or show the item I added. For example if I add tractors to the block center, I will show students one of the tractors they can play with. For the examples, I try to make my sample look like a student did it or use a student's work sample. It's quick. It only takes about a minute or so. To introduce a new center game or center activity I also plan it as an arrival activity, table time activity, or a small group as well. I also question and prompt students during center time to try the new activity. So if I observe students building farm in the block center I may ask them if they think their farm will be longer or shorter than the strings on the chart. Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

  3. Hi Jackie!
    I'd love to use these at some of our schools ( Do you suggest laminating then cutting out the pieces or cutting out the pieces and THEN laminating.
    Thank you!

    1. Most of the time I print, laminate, and cut. Sometimes if the kids really, really pick at it may pull apart. I just don't have time to cut things out twice. Hope that helps. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Where did you find the vegetables that they used in block center? Thank you!

    1. The veggies are math counters.

  5. I love reading the book Click Clack Moo and the children love how funny it is as well. You have offered some great extensions off of the book. Along with many other farm ideas. Thanks for the freebies as well!


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