Farm Theme: Art & Sensory Activities

Art and sensory experiences give students the opportunity to be creative, think and develop new skills, build fine motor strength, and problem solve.  I wanted to share some of our favorite art and sensory farm themed activities we did!  

Playdoh!  Kids love playdoh because it is fun and calming.  Teachers love playdoh because it build all those little fine motor muscles.  This is my tub of playdoh tools for a farm theme.  Doesn't it look inviting?

Make pots of flowers!  Make brown playdoh to represent dirt then add some plastic pots, silk flowers, and flower tags.  Add numbers to the pots to integrate counting. I kept the flower pots and tags from last years flowers I planted.  The silk flowers are from the dollar store.

Make vegetable gardens with playdoh!  These are math vegetable counters from a teacher store.  This friend made rows of veggies in his garden.  Students also LOVE to hide them in the playdoh and let their friend find them.

Make a  field of animals!  This friend rolled the playdoh with a rolling pin and squished all the farm animals in it.

MUD finger painting!  I mixed brown paint and dirt to make this messy, textured, mud paint. To keep the mess contained, students put a messy tray under their paper.  This way if they finger painted off their paper, it just went on the tray.

Painting a rose garden!  The girls LOVED this arrival activity.  First, they stamped the roses using the end of a stalk of celery.  They painted the stems, grass, and leaves with a paint brush.  Some students  took the yellow and white paint from the easel to add clouds and a sun at the top of their garden because in their words "the flowers needed sun to grow".  

Painting farm animals at the easel!  Next to the easel I put up photographs of farm animals with magnets.  The photographs support the students by inspiring them, showing them the animal up close, and what they can paint in the background or around the animal.  Students can take the pictures down and clip it next to their paper as they paint if they wish.  Look at the chick my friend painted!  After I took the picture he added a big brown chicken house for him to lay eggs in,

Make a farm mural!  My students slowly come in each morning making it the perfect time to paint murals. Painting murals builds community and collaboration.  Students have to share the paper, space, pint, vision, and problem solve together.
Still life sketching!  Yes preschooler can sketch still life pictures.  Never underestimate what a preschooler can do!  Older students will have detailed sketches and younger students may have mostly scribbled shapes. Each sketch was amazing!  The room was silent during this activity and my class is LOUD this year.  They were so focused on their sketch.  I love my serious little artists!

 I put out a tractors at one table and flowers in a pot at the other.  Student picked what they wanted to sketch.

Coffee Filter Flowers!  Using colored water, students used droppers to color their coffee filter.  The next day, I scrunched the painted coffee filters in the middle and added a green pipe cleaner for a stem to make the flower.  My students LOVE art that involves mixing colors.

Dirt in the sensory table!  For all four weeks of my farm unit, there was dirt in the sensory table.  To keep students interested and excited to play in the sensory table, I add something new or change something to or in the table each week.  The first week there were shovels, rakes, and various pots.  The second week I added worm manipulatives (pictured below).  The third week, I added water to the dirt to make it muddy!  The last week I added silk flowers.

Loving these farm themed centers? PIN THIS IMAGE!

Farm art and sensory themed centers and activities for your early childhood classroom our kids will LOVE!

Take the farm theme to your dramatic play center! GO check it out and be inspired to make your dramatic play center into a farm!   Click HERE or the picture below.


  1. I LOVE everything about your farm unit! The sensory tub is awesome & I'm sure the farm dramatic center is tons of fun! I usually do my farm theme in the fall but I like the idea of it in the springtime, too!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

    1. Thank you so much! Farm would be fun to do in the fall during apple picking time too. Thanks for visiting.


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