Ocean Animal Crafts and Ocean Mural

Ocean!  What a fun theme for students and teachers.  Fun themes that students are interested in are super important to calm the craziness that can occur at the end of the year. The last month of school was all about the ocean in my classroom!
To begin the theme each day for table time and/or small group, students created an ocean animal craft.  Students came in excited each morning asking what animal they would be making that day.  These crafts were also a fun way to strengthen fine motor muscles!  Students were tracing, cutting, painting, and/or gluing to create the craft which all strengthens those little hand and wrist muscles.  
I'll start with my favorite ocean animal craft...
Seahorses!  This craft was too detailed for my preschool students to cut out so the teachers cut the seahorses out for them.  Students glued tissue paper to the seahorses.
Sea Turtles!  Students cut out the legs, head, and shell and glued their turtle together.  Then they tore various shades of green paper to create a design on the shell.
Sea Stars!  Students traced and cut out the star pattern.  Then sponge painted it to create a fun texture. 
Jellyfish!  Students traced and cut out the jellyfish body.  Then cut streamers and ribbon for the tentacles.  Many students were asking questions about jellyfish during this craft. One student had the idea to look in a book to see if they could find answers to their questions!  They discovered jellyfish have no eyes.  Students decided that since real jellyfish did not have eyes that they should not make eyes on their jellyfish!
What are we going to do with all these amazing ocean animal crafts?  Make a ocean mural!  First I covered the wall with blue paper.  Students painted twisty coral, sea weed, and sand on the paper.
The next day, students cut black paper rocks and glued it to the mural.  Look at the den they made for the octopus to hide in!  The entire time they were cutting the rocks and making the den they were having an intense talk about octopuses!  That morning we read a non-fiction book about octopuses. It was a proud teacher moment!  
Students also made crabs,
 octopus, and 
a hammerhead shark!
Drum roll please...our amazing ocean mural!  They were so proud of all themselves!  Students were bringing their parents over to the mural at drop off and pick up to show them their ocean animals.  Most also shared what had learned about the animal too!  
Go grab Ocean Animals: Just the Crafts from my TPT store by clicking on the cover!  It includes directions for each animal and all the patterns!
Take the ocean theme all over your classroom.  

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