End of the Year

The last two weeks of school I spend reflecting on the school year with the kids to celebrate everything they have done, accomplished, and learned!  I have a multi-age classroom.  Some of my students will be going to kindergarten.  Some of them will come back next year and be the "big kids" in my class.  We talk about and read about what is going to happen, what that will look like how they may feel, and how they will be successful!  If they know what is coming and have confidence they will be successful in their new place the transition will be much smoother for the child and the family too.  
Reflecting on the school year also helps with the transition.  It is a fun way to show kids how much they have grown, learned, and are able to do! Memory books are a fun way to do this.
 During our journal time, each day students journal in their memory books.  Everyone does the same page.  Each day I introduce what they are going to journal about and we brainstorm as a class on that topic.
 A fun page to do was "My Favorite Books".  We have a favorite book basket in our library. Students took out their favorite book to help them with that page.  Below are more fun pages in their memory books!
"A Map of My Classroom"
"I Learned About" 
 Students used name tags to copy their friends names on the My Friends" page.
 "My Favorite Part of the Day"
Go grab Memory Books from my TPT store by clicking on the preview below.  It contains 24 different journal pages (with lines and without),, a note from your teacher page, and 5 covers to choose from!
 During circle, I read books about each of our centers (blocks, art, discovery, library, and pretend) and reflected about all the things we did in that center on the white board.  For the art center I read The Art Box and created the cart below.
The last day I read 26 Big Things Small Hands Can Do and we reflected on ALL the things they can do now.  They were calling out so many things that they could do!  Each time someone shared something that they can do, other students would share how they can do it too.  One student said, "wow I am so smart look at all the stuff I can do now that I am a big kid!"  It was a very loud and exciting circle time!
I always have students help me close down the classroom.  They wash toys in the sensory table in bubbly water using sponges and toothbrushes.  It helps them process that the school year is coming to a close and something new will start.
Students help me take everything down off the walls and take apart class books. All their art, projects, journals, and portfolios go into a box which over flowed  into a laundry basket.
 I make a long line of brown shopping bags and staple name cards (from my art center) to the side of the bags.  As an arrival activity, students sort all the student work into each students' bag.  
Everyone's bags went in their cubby and I stapled their DVD on the bag.  I made a DVD for each child with pictures I took over the school year of them! Students were so excited to go home and go through their bag with their families!
The Monday of the last week I sent home their summer packets on BRIGHT paper.  It included summer math activity charts, summer writing journal (with parent letter), summer reading activity charts, and parent handouts on various skills.  Go grab Summer Math Summer Journal Writing and Reading, and Parent Handouts by clicking n the covers below.

I hope you have or had a great end of the year!


  1. I love that "Now I Can" chart! Haven't heard of the book you read so I'll check it out. Have a great summer!
    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. Wow, you get so much done in the last few weeks of school! Isn't it so fun to see how much they have grown? You do a great job of getting them ready to transition into the next year! I love reading about all the things that happen in your classroom, thanks so much for sharing!

    Warmest Wishes,


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