Fire Drill Book - Making Fire Drills Less Stressful

strategies to make fire drills less stressful and scary for kids in your early childhood classroom

Fire drills can be terrifying for preschoolers and many children.   It is loud and students are everywhere. I created a book (aka social story) about fire drills to help make fire drills not so scary.  The book has simple text and illustrations.  It explains why we have fire drills, what is will sound like, what they will do, and what will be happening around them.  Here are a few pages from the book.

It explains in three simple steps, what they will do during a fire drill (aka fire drill routine: stop, get in line, and walk out the building).
The first two days of school, small group is all about fire drills.  For most students, this is their first experience doing a fire drill. I read the book, model what the fire drill routine, and then the students practice the fire drill routine.  The students pretend to play then I make a fire drill noise and they always join in.  We stop, get in line, and walk all the way outside to our assigned spot.  Outside we give lots of positive praise for practicing the drill!  If students know why we do it, what to do, and what will be happening around them during the drill, they will feel safe and it will be not so scary (hopefully).  
I made a fire drill routine poster.  It was super simple to make.  Just print, laminate, cut, and add Velcro.  I keep it close so I can use it as a visual for students when we have fire drills.
  Every year I have one or a few students who are scared to death or just freaked out by fire drills.  I make them their OWN book to take home.  They can read it at home with their family too.  I have also made the fire drill routine poster for students so they can practice the fire drill routine at home.
You can get Fire Drill Book & Routine Posters in my store.  Just click the picture.

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