How to set up the blocks center in your early childhood classroom (with ideas, tips, and book list) plus block center freebies
Hands down the favorite center in my classroom (with the boys) is the blocks center. If I would let them, they would go to the blocks center each and everyday. To make sure they are learning in the blocks center everyday, I intentionally put out materials to embed reading, writing, math, and science opportunities in their play. I'm excited to share my block center tricks with you. Make sure you grab your blocks center FREEBIES at the end of this post!
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FREE editable and blank sign in sheets for your early childhood classroom and ideas on how to use them in your classroom to get kids writing their names all the time

Every morning my students sign in as part of their morning routine. Student are learning and doing right when they get in the classroom! YEAH! Their morning routine is put their items in their cubby, say bye to their family. answer the question of the day, sign in, and do the morning activity on the table. You can read more about how I do Question of the Day HERE.
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12 life changing classroom art tricks - create less mess and more art in your early childhood and elementary classroom

You want to do more art in your classroom but you don't want the MESS. You know all the reasons why you should do more art in your classroom. You know your kids love creating, painting, and glitter. But aftermath of an amazing art project can look like a tornado went through your classroom. Check out these 12 amazing life changing art tricks and you will be excited to do art in your classroom again!

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