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  1. Hi Jackie,

    I love your site and your classroom! You are such an inspiration and have so many great ideas to share. I've been teaching PreK for 3 years and I'm always looking for new ideas and strategies to implement in my classroom. I was reviewing your schedule and was very curious to how you manage and plan for your small groups.
    I currently use a model similar to how Vanessa Levin ( manages her small groups. I plan three different activities for the three tables in my classroom. Two tables work with a teacher and one table is independent. I divide the children into three groups and each day a group completes one of the activities. By the end of the week each group has completed all the activities. I do small groups in the morning and the afternoon since we have a long day just like you do.

    I noticed you only do small groups once a day. I was curious to how you plan and implement your small groups.

    Any insights you can offer would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi Jackie! I love your stuff and use it in my classroom all the time! Do you have the pizza restaurant pack for sale by itself? I only see it in the bundle.

    Thank you for being so inspiring and creative. You push me to be a better teacher.



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