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Welcome to Pocket of Preschool Academy! We are so excited you may be joining our family! We will love and respect your child. We will help them grow and develop emotionally, socially, physically, and academically! 
If you have any questions about our handbook, our classroom, or our policies, please ask. To download out Pocket of Preschool Academy Handbook, click HERE.

We believe…
Children learn best through play and experiences. We firmly believe that children learn by doing, getting messy, investigating their questions, and problem solving with their friends. They learn by playing games, using their imaginations, expressing their emotions, creating, and exploring the world around them. 
As teachers we set up intentional play activities and explorations that meet the needs of individual students. We question and extend their thinking and play to help them learn and grow. We provide high quality education and care for every student who comes in our classroom. We intentionally plan and organize the classroom so students have the opportunity to develop in the areas of social emotional, language and literacy, math, science, creative arts, fine motor, and gross motor.
It is our goal for students to develop the dispositions and skills to become lifelong learners and be successful in kindergarten and life (both socially and academically).
In order to register for preschool, each child must meet the following criteria:
Be 3 years old by August 1
Proof of current required immunizations
Complete all forms and pay registration fee
Hours of Operation and school Calendar
Pocket of Preschool Academy is from 8:15 am – noon on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday during the school year.
Our calendar is similar to Francis Howell. Please see our calendar for exact dates.
We also follow Francis Howell inclement weather closing and delays.
Pocket of Preschool Academy will be licensed sometime this spring by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Child Care Division. The preschool will continue to have inspections and they will be available online.
Jackie, any employees, and her husband all have criminal and child protection services background checks. Jackie and any employees have current First Aid and CPR certifications as well.
Pocket of Preschool Academy implements a theme based curriculum. It is designed to facilitate learning through hands-on activities both teacher-led and student-led. We offer lessons and activities in the areas of language and literacy, math, science, creative arts, gross and fine motor, and social skills (character education). It is based on current research, state and national standards, common core, and aligned with the kindergarten curriculum.
Parent Teacher conferences
Parent teacher conferences will be held in the fall and spring. It is a time we can talk about your child in all areas of development, review their student portfolio, and set goals for your child.
Teacher Training and ongoing education
Jackie is the owner and operator of Pocket of Preschool Academy. She earned her Bachelors and Master of Education from Maryville University. She is licensed to teach birth to sixth grade by the state of Missouri. She taught full day preschool in Rockwood for over 11 years. Many of her theme units, games, and lesson plans are utilized by teachers all over the country. She is also a member of NAEYC (a professional early childhood educator organization) and teaches a variety of professional development trainings to other teachers in the area. As part of licensing, she is required to attend at least 15 hours of teacher training every year.
It is important for us to work as a team to ensure your child’s success in preschool.  If you ever have any questions, concerns, or other important information that you believe I should know, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Each week, I will publish a newsletter to update you on what new exciting topics we are learning about and other things happening in preschool. The newsletter will include important dates, upcoming activities and events, a summary of previous learning, previewing new centers and studies. I will email the newsletter every Monday to all the families. I will also post the newsletters on the family board.
Emergency Preparedness
In the event of an emergency Pocket of Preschool has developed an Emergency Response Plan. Please know that Pocket of Preschool Academy will make every attempt to notify you, so it is vital you keep your emergency contact information up to date. If you would like a copy, just ask.
Emergency Drills
We strive to make sure our children are safe at school every day.  We do this by making sure that our children are prepared for a variety of emergencies.  We will practice fire drills, tornado drills, and earthquake drills.
Emergency Supplies
Our classroom is equipped with an emergency backpack. It contains water, prepackaged snacks, gloves, wipes, flashlights, small first aid kit, hand sanitizer, a copy of our Emergency Response Plan, each child’s contact and emergency information, and any life saving medication (epi pens, inhalers).
Each day we will provide a healthy snack and drink each day. The snack menu is posted in the classroom.
Food Allergy or Special Diet
If your child has a known food allergy or special diet, please provide us with a doctor's note or plan.
Behavior Management
At Pocket of Preschool Academy we are committed to proving a safe environment for learning. Universal support strategies are available to all students to support their social emotional development by teaching expected behaviors (ex: visual supports, reteaching, class meetings, etc.) and teaching various social skills (sharing, taking turns, problem solving) all year long. We try our best to provide a consistent, challenging learning environment with physical activity which will prevent boredom and promote good behavior.
If a behavior issue arises, teachers may use a precorrection, verbal redirection, state the expected behavior, give behavior choices, provide a visual support, and/or go to the safe spot. The safe place is a quiet, cozy place in the classroom a child can go when they are feeling upset, sad, or just want to be alone. The safe place also has a Calm Down Kit. It is a bucket with items and visual supports to help a child calm down (sensory bottle, squeeze fidget, deep breath chart). The photo on the right is our Calm Down Kit, brag tags, book, and chart.

We use Green and Red Choices to teach students appropriate “green behaviors”. You can see it in action on the website HERE. It is my goal for students to be happy, confident learners who can problem solve and work collaboratively with others. Being able to make good (aka green) choices when they are alone and interacting with others is a big part of that. The photo on the left is of our Green and Red Choices poster, book, shout out notes, and coloring book.

Email today to schedule a tour pocketofpreschool@gmail.com

Check out our classroom! 
our classroom has 5 centers: Library, art, pretend, blocks, and discovery.

Library Center

Art Center

Pretend Center

Discovery Center (math & science)

Discovery Center (math & science)

Blocks Center

Blocks Center

Bathroom & Safe Place

Student cubbies, student coat rack, and parent nook


Thank you for considering Pocket of Preschool Academy! We are so excited you may be joining our family! We will love and respect your child. We will help them grow and develop emotionally, socially, physically, and academically! 

Email today to schedule a tour pocketofpreschool@gmail.com

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